Customizing Property Information Fields

Customizing Property Information Fields

Before you import your contacts into your Tank Track database, you have the option to add one or more custom fields to your work orders and on each Contact/Property page. Tank Track already has many fields for basic info such as contact information, property and billing addresses, tank size and capacity, street directions, property notes, etc. However, since each septic company collects different information about properties, you can also add your own custom fields. (For instance, some companies want to add a checkbox for “Hose available?” and some may want to add a text field for leach field details.)


Adding Custom Fields to Work Orders and Property Pages

A custom field may take the form of a checkbox, small text field, or large text field.

To add a custom field to your Tank Track database, go to SETTINGS, then click or tap PROPERTY DETAILS (near the bottom of the list on the left).

Click or tap the green ADD NEW FIELD button. Then add a name for the field and select between check box, small text field or large text field.Be sure to click or tap SAVE FIELD.

Every field that you add will be added to the list of Tank Track fields available when importing  your company data, which involves matching each new field to the appropriate column header in your import file. For this reason, make SURE that you add all necessary property information fields BEFORE you import your contacts into the Tank Track database.



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