Linking (or Unlinking) a Person with a Property

As a septic service company, you serve properties year after year, even when they change hands. Tank Track gives you the ability to record and preserve each property's service history no matter how often a property changes ownership.

On each property page (editjob.php), you will notice a chain link image between the contact/billing information on the left and the property details on the right. This reflects that the current owner/billing contact on the left is "linked" to the property on the right. 

When a property changes hands, click or tap this chain image to unlink the property from the now former owner. This will automatically cancel all future appointments made by the previous owner (and this step cannot be undone). You can now enter the name of the new owner, if known, by selecting from existing customers already in Tank Track (who own more than one property) or by entering the new owner's info manually.

If the new owner is not yet known, simply leave the property unlinked until such time as the new owner is identified, confident that the property details and service history is preserved and accessible.


For example, let's say you serviced a property at 123 Main St. three years ago, and the owner at the time was Mary Smith. If the property is due for service again this year, you may find that Mary Smith has moved away, and the house is now owned by Bill Jones. Rather than having to start over with a new file, you can simply keep the property information you already have, including all service history with all past owners. You can "unlink" Mary Smith from 123 Main St, and "link" the property to a new contact person, Bill Jones.

Linking One Person to Multiple Properties

In some cases, you may want to link one person (such as a property manager or landlord) with multiple properties that you service.  Let's say that in the previous example, 123 Main St. was sold by Mary Smith to a landlord who owns many homes for rental in your area. Let's say the new property manager is Susan Chu, who also manages several other properties you service. You can link 123 Main St. to Susan Chu easily by searching for her name in the box under "Link to existing contact."

How to Unlink a previous contact person:

  1. Open the property page for the address you need (In our example, 123 Main St.)
  2. "Unlink" the property from the owner/billing contact by clicking or tapping the blue circle (chain link image) joining the left and right sides of the page. A popup box will appear stating: "Unlinking this contact will cancel all future appointments. This cannot be undone. Do you want to proceed?" If you are sure, click "OK."
  3. The previous contact person will disappear.

How to link a new person to an existing property:

  1. First, open the individual property page for the address of the property.
  2. To link a contact person to the property who you already have linked to other properties, enter his/her name in the search box and select it if correct.
  3. To link a new contact person, click "Add New Contact" and then fill in the fields that appear for contact information. Be sure to click or tap SAVE CHANGES when finished.
  4. All appointments made from now on will reflect the new owner's name, while old invoices will retain the names of previous owners.



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