Frequent Destinations (Incl. Waste Facilities)

To set up or edit your frequent destinations, including waste receiving facilities, click or tap "SETTINGS" in the upper right corner of your Tank Track screen. Then select "FREQUENT DESTINATIONS" on the left.

Here you can add the names and addresses of the places you go often, so that you can add them to a truck's route on any daily schedule. It is especially important to add all facilities where you typically deposit waste. Waste receiving destinations must be marked as such in order to appear on the Day Schedule as well as in the Reports section.


Adding/Editing Frequent Destinations

To edit an existing frequent destination, simply click or tap the name of the destination, make your changes, and click or tap SAVE DESTINATION.

To add a frequent destination, click or tap the "ADD NEW DESTINATION" button.

  • "Waste receiving location" vs. "General": If this destination is a location where you dispose of waste, check the "WASTE RECEIVING DESTINATION" button. This will ensure that the destination will appear as a disposal option on the schedule.
  • Address: Input a complete and accurate street address. If you wish to add your frequent destination to a driver's route in the mapping portion of the schedule, the route will only map properly if a real, mappable address is used. The facility name is also needed for Pump Reports in the REPORTS section.
  • Address validation: Tank Track will compare the addresses you enter with the US Postal Serve address database. If there is a match (meaning a recognizable address), we will provide the zip +4 zip code and county to the address you entered.

Don't forget to click "SAVE DESTINATION" when you're done!

Note: It doesn't matter if you are using a waste receiving facility or a land application location. Tank Track keeps track of the amount of waste deposited per "Waste Receiving Destination."


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