Printing Work Orders and Invoices

Printing Paper Requirements:

In the interest of serving as many people as possible, we currently print on 8.5- x 11-inch paper (standard printer paper size). You can choose to print your work orders and invoices on:

  • Regular printer paper, perhaps printing two copies if desired.
  • Blank carbonless paper, which is used the same way that carbon paper is, but can be put through a laser printer. Make sure it is 8.5 by 11 inches!

How to Print Job Forms/Invoices for a Day's Appointments

To print job forms and invoices for the day, go to the schedule and click the "Day/Assign" button.  This will bring you to the day view in the schedule.Make sure you are on the date that you desire. (You can go forward and back by using the arrows on either side of the date.) 

After making sure that all appointments are scheduled under the truck and driver that you desire, click the "print" icon in the upper right portion of your screen. This will bring you to a print preview, and you can check off which drivers' forms you want to have printed. After selecting the desired drivers, click "Print."

How to Print a Job Form/Invoice for a Single Appointment

If you only need to print a job form/invoice for one appointment, find that appointment's editable job form page one of two ways:

  • Go into the Schedule and find the appointment in the Day View. Click on the appointment to view the editable job form.
  • Search for that individual contact/property page, and then click the job form in the service history.

Once you have the editable job form page up on your screen, you can click the "print" icon in the upper right to print the form(s).


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