Manage Job Form / Invoice Preferences

You can customize your job form / invoice preferences by clicking the "Settings" link in the upper right corner of your Tank Track screen. Then, choose "Job Forms" on the left.

1. Job Forms: Single Page or Two Pages. What's the difference?

Tank Track currently offers two options for printing job forms or invoices:

  • Single Page: Some companies prefer to use a single page job form, usually with carbon/carbonless paper. This single form will serve two purposes: to inform the technician about the job, and to use (a carbon copy) as an invoice for the customer. Since one copy will be given to the customer, no private "customer notes" from the contact information section will appear here. With this option, the job form and the invoice are one and the same.
  • Job Form with Separate Invoice: Some companies prefer to have two different pages for each appointment; a "job form" for the technician with all of the job details (including private notes about the property or customer), and a nice-looking invoice for the customer for billing purposes. If you select this option, your job forms for each driver will print out compactly, sometimes two per page (to save paper), in the order of appointments you have chosen. Additionally, one invoice will print to match each job form, for billing purposes. With this option, the job form is technician-focused, and the invoice is customer-focused.

2. Header Info

  • Use data from company info: If you check this box, your address and contact information from your "Company Info" page in settings will auto-fill into the job form header area. If the business address, email, or phone information you want your customers to see on the invoice is different than the business information you provided in the "Company Info" section, leave this box unchecked.
  • Show Logo on Invoice: If you want a logo to show at the top of your invoices INSTEAD of your company name in text, check this box. To upload an image, follow the link provided. Keep in mind that the image will be scaled automatically to fit in the header of the invoice.
  • Contact Info: Fill in any fields that you want to include in the header of your invoice.

3. Text Options

  • Sidebar Text: Here you can type a few sentences that will appear somewhere within the body of your invoice. Some companies use this space to state terms of payment, septic system care tips, invitations to their website, etc. The amount of text allowed is limited to match the amount of space available on the page. You may also choose to leave this blank.
  • Footer Text: Here you can type a brief statement to appear in the footer of the invoice. Some companies use it for their company slogan, or to say "Serving the community since 1987," or "Like us on Facebook."  You may also leave this blank if you prefer.

4. Add Services or Products

In this space, you can define each individual service or product your company might list on an invoice. For instance, you may have "Pump 1000 Gallon Tank" as a service, or you might list a product such as "Tank Cover Riser." You can add as many or few services/products as your company requires. You can also choose to add a price for some or all of your services/products if you want to.

This list will appear during the process of making an appointment. You will see this list in a dropdown menu, and will be able to choose as many services/products as required for the particular appointment you are scheduling. If you have prices listed for those services/products, they will appear on the invoice next to the service or product listed, and will be summed to provide a total billing amount. If you leave the price field blank, no prices will be shown on the invoice.

5. Invoice Prefix

Each job form/invoice created has an invoice number. This field is where you can define what invoice number you want Tank Track to use as the first invoice number. If you are already using an invoice numbering system, you may want to start in Tank Track with a number that is higher than your final invoice number in your old system.

Careful-- you can only choose this number once. If you want to adjust it again later, you will only be able to do so with numbers higher than existing Tank Track invoice numbers.

6. Preview

Click "Save and Preview" to see a print preview of your job form. It is also a good idea to print the preview so you can see how it looks on paper. If you decided to make any changes, simply go back to the Job Forms settings page and make your changes, then click "Save and Preview" again to check those changes.

NOTE: Job Form Printing

In the interest of serving as many people as possible, we currently print on 8.5x11 inch paper (standard printer paper size). You can choose to print your job forms/invoices on:

  • Regular printer paper, perhaps printing two copies if desired.
  • Blank carbonless paper, which is used the same way that carbon paper is, but can be put through a laser printer.



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