Manage Invoice Options

You can customize your job form / invoice preferences by clicking or tapping the "Settings" link in the upper right corner of your Tank Track screen. Then, choose "Invoice Options" on the left.

Tank Track provides work orders for your technicians and professional-looking invoices for your customers. This page helps you customize everything your customers will see.

1. Header Info

  • Use mailing address from Account Info: If you check this box, your address and contact information from your "Account Info" page in Settings will auto-fill into these fields. You can edit as needed. Otherwise, just enter your information manually.
  • Contact Info: Fill in whichever fields you want to include in the header of your invoice.

2. Text Options

  • Sidebar Text: Here you can type a few sentences that will appear in the lower left portion of the printed invoice. Some companies use this space to state payment methods, where to call, septic system care tips, invitations to their website, etc. This field is limited to 250 characters. You may also choose to leave this blank.
  • Footer Text: Here you can type a brief statement to appear in the footer of the invoice. Some companies use it for their company slogan, or to say "Serving the community since 1987," or "Like us on Facebook."  This field is limited to 260 characters. You may also leave this blank if you prefer.

3. Optional Fields

Some local governments require that septic companies list the number of gallons pumped and the Waste site on the invoice. If you want to include either one or both, click the appropriate checkboxes.

4. Starting Invoice Number

Each invoice and work order you create has a unique invoice number. This field is where you can choose the starting invoice number you want Tank Track to use. If you are already using an invoice numbering system, you may want to start in Tank Track with a number that is higher than the final invoice number in your old system.

Caution: You should only choose this number once. If you want to adjust it again later, you will only be able to do so with numbers higher than existing Tank Track invoice numbers.




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