Manage Trucks

You can customize your schedule by adding your trucks as you would like them to appear.

You can add, remove, or edit your trucks by clicking "Settings" and then clicking "Trucks." You will see any trucks you already have entered, and can edit them by clicking them.

Adding a New Truck or Editing an Existing Truck

  1. Name: What nickname would you like to use for this truck? It will only appear within the Tank Track schedule, and your customers will not see it. (Note: the name must be 10 characters or less.)
  2. Gallons: Enter the tank capacity of your truck. This will appear next to the truck name on the schedule as a reminder. Also, it will be used to calculate whether consecutive appointments will generate too much volume for one truck, and alert you. If you have a truck (or car) that is not a pumper, you can enter zero.
  3. Color: Choose a color you want to represent this truck on the schedule.
  4. Icon: Choose a truck icon you want to represent this truck on the schedule.
  5. Save: Click "save truck" and you're done!


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