Manage Users (including drivers)

You can find this page by clicking the "SETTINGS" link in the upper right corner of your Tank Track screen, then USERS.

Who is a "User?"

A user in Tank Track is simply a person who needs access to some or all of the program and/or is a technician driving a truck. Some users will need an account with a password so that they can use Tank Track with your office computer. Other users are people who may need limited access to Tank Track for printing daily schedules or mapping routes. Still other users may be truck drivers who never need access to the Tank Track program, but still need to be entered as a user so they can appear as a driver on the schedule page. 

Creating a New User

To add a new user, click "Add New User."

  1. Full Name: For drivers/technicians, this entire field will appear on the job form/invoice. Some companies also use this field to add a license number after their name. Just remember that everything you enter on this line will be seen by customers on the invoice.
  2. Username: The username can be a short name that will only be seen within the Tank Track program for purposes of assigning an individual driver to a truck.  (For example, James Smith, the technician, would have his name appear on the invoice as "James Smith." His username could simply be Jimmy, James, Jim, etc.)
  3. Email Address: If this user is going to have access with his/her own account, use their email address. If you will not be giving them access to Tank Track, you can use a generic company email address if you wish.
  4. Change and Repeat Password: If the user will have Tank Track access, assign a password. If you are not giving them access to the program, leave this blank.
  5. Technician / Driver: If the user is a driver (or technician, depending on what word you use), click the checkbox here. This will ensure that the person will show up as one of the options on the schedule page when you want to assign a driver to a particular truck.
  6. Send Routes by Email: Click this checkbox for any driver authorized to receive a daily list of addresses via email, which can then be used to activate their phone mapping program and receive audible, turn-by-turn instructions.
  7. Permissions: This allows you to customize which portions of the program you wish to make accessible to each user based on trust level and need to know. Don't forget to click

Don't forget to click "SAVE" to preserve all your changes. You did it!





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