Importing Contacts from an Existing List


You can easily import your list of contacts into Tank Track from another program (such as Excel or QuickBooks) as a .csv file.

1. Export Current List in .csv file format.

If you don't know what a .csv file is, don't worry! It is simply a particular format that most programs can use to export a file.

First, open your file in your existing program. Then, export the file to a .csv format. (Directions for this step will vary based on what program you are working in. You may need to seek help on this point within the program you’re exporting from.)

[In Excel: Click “File,” and select “Export.” Choose “Change File Type” and select “CSV” or “.csv,” also called “comma separated values.” Follow the prompts to save your document in this format.]

2. Import File Into Tank Track

After saving your database as a .csv file on your computer, sign into your Tank Track account and click on the main header for “Contacts.” Click the link “Import Contacts” (upper right). Follow the directions to upload your file.

3. Match Fields

Once your file has uploaded, you can complete the import process by matching each field in Tank Track with a field in your document.

After the entire process is complete, click on the Contacts header to see your contact list.

NOTE: If you are matching fields and notice that you have a field that is not a good match with any field listed on the Tank Track side, you can cancel the import process and add a custom field in the Settings section under "Property Information." After adding that field and saving, re-import your file and re-match the fields, including the newly added field.

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