Customizing Property Information Fields

Customize Property Information Fields

Before you can transfer your contacts into your Tank Track database, you need to customize the fields that you will see on your job forms and on the Individual Contact/Property page for each property. Tank Track already has fields for basic info such as address, number of tanks, tank size, directions, property notes, etc. However, since each septic company collects different information about properties, you can also add your own custom fields. (For instance, some companies want to add a checkbox for “hose available?” and some want to add a text field for leach field details.)


Adding Custom Fields

To add your own custom checkboxes, small text fields, or large text fields, click on Settings, and then click “Property Details” (at the bottom of the list on the left). Here you can add any field that you choose, and it will appear in the property details of each individual property record. Also, fields here will appear in the list of Tank Track fields available to match to the column headers in your existing database. For this reason, make SURE that you add all necessary property information fields BEFORE you import your contacts into the Tank Track database.


Setting Defaults for Property Types, Preferred Contact Method, and Frequency:

If you want your imported contacts to default automatically to a particular property type, preferred contact method, or frequency for service, you can choose that at the bottom of the page. For instance, if most of the properties you serve are residential and need service every three years, you can choose to default all of your imported contacts as “residential” and default their frequency to 3 years. If you choose to do this, just be aware that all of your imported contacts will be defaulted to the options you have chosen, and you will have to make adjustments on individual contacts as needed.

 If you do not want to implement default values, just skip this part of the page.

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